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21st July 2024 

Sunsets, Head Space and Self Development Weekend for Ladies (Small Group)

A Weekend of Self Discovery and Development in Norfolk
July Friday 28th - Mon 31st 2023
September 29th - 2nd October 2023

Amanda Goss MA MBACP, Psychotherapist. Sharon Wilkinson. Accred. Psychotherapist.

Join us for a weekend of personal development and self-exploration. This is a chance for you to re-set, discover the issues which hold you back, and prepare your life for the next chapter. For much needed head-space away from your busy lives and in a small intimate group of like-minded females.

A personal development group is a safe, supportive space in which you can explore personal issues alongside other people who also want to understand themselves better. It will be an opportunity for you to take stock of your life and find out more about who you are, what you do and how you do it.

- What is holding you back?
- Take more control of your life.
- Discover your Limiting Beliefs
- The Inner Critic and how to manage that negative voice. - Looking after your mental health.

We will start each day with Breakfast together followed by a morning group workshop.
A nutritious lunch will be provided by our Chef who will cater for all of your dietary requirements.
Afternoons will be spent on thought-provoking exercises created to help you to mentally re-set followed by group discussion.
After Dinner, we will enjoy the Sunset together, then your evening will be free time and our

Friday 6.12.19
4pm Arrival and Welcome Drinks. 7pm Dinner.
9pm Free Time.
Saturday 7.12.19
8am Breakfast.
10am Group Workshop: What is holding you back? 11am Coffee and Cake.
11.30am Group Workshop: Taking control of your life. 1pm Lunch
3pm Mindful Walk Exercise
3.30pm Sunset ad Re-Set on the Terrace
4.30pm Coffee and Cake
5pm Group Discussion
6pm Finish for the Day
7pm Dinner
9pm Free Time
Sunday 8.12.18
8am Breakfast
10am Group Workshop: Taking Control of your Life
11am Coffee and Cake
11.30am Group Workshop: Discovering your Limiting Beliefs 1pm Lunch
3pm Exercise: The Inner Critic
3.30pm Sunset and Re-Set on the Terrace
4.30pm Coffee and Cake
5pm Group Discussion
6pm Finish for the Day
7pm Dinner
9pm Free Time
Monday 9.12.19
8am Breakfast
9am Group Discussion 10am Checkout

To express an interest, please call Amanda on 07760669246; email:

Training Courses & Groups. Sunsets and Self-Discovery Personal Development Weekend

Training Courses & Groups. stress buster


Focusing is a safe way of being with an experience, even one which is disturbing. It is an ability that most of us have and can develop; a way of listening to our subtle inner feelings. It is a way of accessing what we know but are maybe not aware of; our own kind of truth. When we do this, what we find is often new, surprising, fresh and extremely satisfying and even when we are being with the most terrible feelings in a focusing way, it can actually feel good.

If we are Focusing with a problem or difficulty, it may start to shift by itself in a direction that we haven’t expected. It can provide us with answers/solutions to difficulties. Focusing can be learned so that it can be used in everyday life to help us find an easier way of being with a problem, or even a solution to it. It can be used to help make difficult decisions. It is a useful aid to stress relief and personal development and can help you to feel calmer, happier and generally more at peace.

I provide one to one focusing sessions where we can either look at a particular issue that is bothering you, or use it as a means of gaining clarity and perspective.

I also provide focusing training so that you can use the technique by yourself, or with a partner, once you have completed your course of sessions.

Focusing sessions last 45 minutes and I see clients for focusing once a week for an agreed period. Please contact me for more details.

Training Courses & Groups. Focusing

Focusing Stress Buster

There are more and more instances where stress and/or mental health issues such as depression and anxiety are affecting the workplace. Companies are losing money due to staff sickness when people are signed off with stress or depression. I was aware that this was becoming more and more of an issue, and having experienced an inability to work through stress some years before, I wanted to look into a way to reduce stress in the workplace. This resulted in my Masters dissertation: ‘Wellbeing in the Workplace: An investigation into the benefits of using Focusing techniques to address stress and as an aid to personal and professional wellbeing and development’ (Goss, A. 03/2012).

I carried out a series of weekly focusing sessions with staff and management of a leading mental health organisation. The study concluded that if an individual takes part in regular focusing sessions, their stress levels will lessen.

It also highlighted that focusing was also a form of personal development. Participants in the study reported significant and sometimes life changing insights after a series of focusing sessions. Most participants had no knowledge or experience of focusing or counselling prior to the study, but reported that they found it easy to understand and take part in.

I provide Focusing Stress-Busting Sessions either at my consulting room or in-house on a six weekly session basis. Please contact me for further details and prices for you or your staff members.

Active Listening Skills Workshop


Course Fee: £90 per person (negotiable depending on number of participants)
(Minimum number of participants: 6: Maximum number of participants: 14)

Are you a Manager or Supervisor who wants to get the best from your staff?
Do you have members of staff who would benefit from enhancing their
communication skills?
Would you like to learn more about active listening and counselling skills?
Do you often find yourself listening to people who are in difficult situations and want to improve your ability to help them?
Do you work in a caring profession and want to improve your communication skills?
Would your workplace benefit from improved personal or professional relationships?
Would enhanced communication skills help with your career progression?

If you have answered yes to any of the above, this is the course for you!

Course Outline

This course will revolutionise your practical listening skills, teach you active listening, help to improve your relationships and communication skills, as well as providing an opportunity for personal development. This course will enhance communication, build morale and confidence,helping to create a strong, motivated, and productive team.

You will learn:

● to listen and respond appropriately to the experiences of others, and reflect on the
way you communicate;
● non–verbal communication, summarising, active listening and responding;
● to listen and respond in a variety of situations;
● to recognise and use the skills of active listening;
● to have confidence in your ability to deal with difficult situations;
● to identify personal values, prejudices and influences;
● to identify key aspects of personal growth;
● to relate actively in the group;
● to give and receive constructive feedback
● to communicate effectively with colleagues at all levels within the organisation.

Teaching and Learning Methods

● Tutor Presentation;
● Discussion;
● Guided experiential work in small groups;
● Reading;
● Active Listening exercises;
● Learning from listening to others experiences;
● Peer and Tutor feedback.

This course can be tailored to meet with your specific requirements. Do contact us to discuss your preferences or particular needs.

A Certificate will be issued upon completion of the workshop.

For more information please contact:

Tel: Amanda Goss: 07760669246

Ladies Personal Development Group, Kings Lynn COMING SOON!


Every SecondTuesday 6.30 - 8.30pm, START DATE TBC
St. Ann’s House, St. Ann’s St, Kings Lynn, PE30 1NN
£35 per person

Please join us for the first ever Ladies Personal Development Group!

Most of us have experienced one or more of these issues: Anxiety; depression; stress; relationship issues; low self-esteem; loneliness; shyness; lack of confidence; addiction; self-sabotage; social anxiety.

We have created this club especially for you!

This is a self-development opportunity to take part in a safe, supportive community with like-minded people. The group will be facilitated by two highly qualified and experienced Psychotherapists and we will endeavour to make the whole experience non-threatening, easy, friendly, fulfilling, supportive and most of all enjoyable.

Part of our group sessions will include looking at a selection of Self-Help Books for us all to read and discuss one at a time. This process will give us all a chance to reflect on any issues and methods for feeling better.
We will support each other along the journey of self-discovery, make new friends and help ourselves to feel happier in our every-day lives.

To express an interest, please call Amanda on 07760669246; email: