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25th June 2024 


'Throughout my life I had generally been in good health and happy with my life however after the loss of 3 family members within a 18 month period I started suffering stress and anxiety. I started having negative thoughts about myself and feelings of guilt and worthlessness and began to wonder if I would ever feel normal again. I was advised to seek counseling which I did, initially I started to feel a bit better but after several weeks I didn't really improve so stopped counseling with this therapist. Talking with my partner I realized that I needed help so looked for another therapist, looking through local therapists I felt drawn to Amanda and as she was close to where I live so I contacted her.

On meeting Amanda I immediately felt comfortable and at ease, each session she listened to my ramblings and thoughts and never interrupted or judged me unless to give me positive feedback, I can honestly say that even after just one session I felt that Amanda would get me back to my normal happy self. After several weeks of talking to Amanda about my life and feelings I feel that I am now ready to live my life to the full again. I would like to say to anyone reading this with any anxiety, stress or personal problems to give Amanda a call or email her for counseling and I feel sure you will benefit from talking with her. One final thing is that if seeking help you need to be honest no matter how uncomfortable or painful this might be, Amanda will not judge but will only seek to help you back to a normal life.'Richard B, Norfolk.@04

'Many people are under the misconception that in order to see a therapist or counsellor you have to be "broken" in some way - I went to see Amanda after several people in my life died over the period of 3 years. I thought I was going to go to talk about my grief - however Amanda is incredible - she did help me deal with the grief but I discovered, with her help, that I had deeper issues that were holding me back, and dysfunctional relationships that I needed to move on from. She helped me solve issues that I didn't even know I had - she is simply amazing and I wish I could visit her regularly simply to have someone to talk through things to keep me on track. I would highly recommend her to anyone." M. Wellard, Norfolk. @03

'My experience of therapy with Amanda came after a series of events which lead to my behaviour becoming not only self-destructive, but intolerable to those around me and my eventual suicide attempts. Amanda gave me the insight to help me understand a lot of my own actions and behaviour, which was something I couldn't do before. I learned why I was doing these things, which in turn enabled me to change my thinking around my actions and the skills and knowledge I needed to cope with my situation. This helped me change my thinking and behaviour and move forward with my life in a positive way. Amanda was warm and immediately put me at my ease, comforting me when I was struggling and encouraging me with every small step I made. I can't thank Amanda enough for all her patience, humour and support.'
Amanda D. Kings Lynn

'I found Amanda when I was feeling very low and anxious. She immediately put me at ease and I could talk about my problems as if I were talking to a friend. For several months I went to Amanda and gradually started to feel better. I have now got my life back. Sometimes you feel like you have taken a step backwards, persevere and you will get there.'
W. Amos. Norfolk

'I was very wary of counselling, as from comments and experiences of friends and family, I though that it would all be about 'dredging up the past' and laying blame at other's doors'. Amanda knew this about me from the start, and I went from feeling like an emotional wreck, suffering huge anxiety as well as deep depression, to being able to 'lay all my ghosts to rest' and getting back to as near normal as I am now.

I saw Amanda for more than a year, a few months after my second wife had died. It wasn't the first time I'd paid for counselling, but it was certainly the most productive, in that I was finally able to deal with emotional problems that had been bedevilling my life since my early years. The death had brought up issues of anger, revenge, grief and others that I had been totally unaware of. Amanda dealt skillfully with these in her empathic, friendly, and intelligent way. Indeed, it was the fact that I found her so 'real' that encouraged me to explore 'dangerous places' and so to heal myself. I now consider myself to be a happy contented man who is now taking calculated risks with his life, and becoming happier with every day. It is my opinion that one can always become happier and so I don't rule out another set of visits at some time in the future. Life becomes great when you let go of unwanted, unjustified fear!
Gordon Stone, Kings Lynn, Norfolk.
Amanda is quietly spoken, gentle, empathic and wise. She has time for her clients, really listens and is fabulous at helping with coping strategies as well as being able to help you find your way through what can be a terribly distressing time.

I saw her for about 6 months and will never, ever forget her and the help that she gave me.
H. Letch. Norfolk

I tried counselling with an open mind more hoping to deal with some of my issues than expecting to really solve them. However I am glad to say that through Amanda I have managed to overcome these issues within a relaxed and neutral environment. In my experience counselling offers a completely new insight into the way you look at things and therefore helps you to see things in a whole new light, this then gives you the ability to be able to approach any issues in ways that help you overcome them. I would highly recommend Amanda to anyone she has been a great help to me and could be to you too.
J.Williamson, Norfolk @04

'I went to see Amanda a few months after I was diagnosed with post-natal depression, after having my first child a little boy. I was in a very bad place and needed help. She was the only one who stepped up and helped me in more ways than one. I saw her for months, and it soon became easy for me to talk freely to her about anything. Amanda always understood me and always put me at ease, it was like talking to a best friend I had had for years. Amanda taught me that I wasn't a bad mum or person and I learnt to smile again. I could not have got through it without her. My little boy is 4 now the bond and love we have is magical, and we are pleased to say we are expecting baby number two. So thank you Amanda, I would highly recommend her to anyone. A lady to never forget.
K. Peake, Norfolk @05
'I was petrified when I first started talking to Amanda, I nearly didn't go but I didn't know how to make things ok again. Amanda was really understanding even when I didn't know what to say. Amanda taught me that it's ok to be happy but it's also ok to cry. I will be for ever grateful that she was so patient and willing to take really small steps to help me get my life back. Amanda helped me to see who I am and that who I am is ok.'

L Diver, Kings Lynn @06

"After a previously unhelpful experience with a therapist in North London I was sceptical about booking in counselling sessions again. I felt like I needed help from somewhere as was emotionally unstable and couldn’t understand why. I met with Amanda and she explained that I would certainly begin to feel better but it would take time and very small steps forward. Amanda was gentle, kind, understanding, non-judgmental but most importantly, genuine. Amanda naturally led our sessions by asking the right questions, and supported my thought processes so there were no awkward silences. I had sessions over the course of 6 months with them naturally coming to an end. I went from hiding in bed all day, comfort binge-eating, restricting my interaction with my husband and son and feeling emotionally wrecked, to rediscovering the woman I was 10 years ago. I am now a confident business owner, mother and wife along with becoming an avid gym goer, distance runner and Taekwondo practitioner. I absolutely couldn't have done this without Amanda and I can’t thank her enough!" Kym Jay