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18th October 2018 
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Founder: Amanda Jayne

After going through several difficult issues of my own I finally sought the help of a Therapist. It was a life changing experience for me, and one which has enabled me to lead a happier and more fulfilled life. At first I was very nervous about seeking counselling and was lucky to find an excellent Counsellor with whom I felt comfortable. I am mindful of how important it is to find a Therapist with whom you feel completely at ease, so feel free to call me for an informal chat. Essentially, I am a Person Centred Therapist, however I am also trained as a Focus Oriented Psychotherapist and, if appropriate, I will use aspects of other therapies such as Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, or Mindfulness.

I work with adults on a variety of difficult issues such as depression, anxiety, relationship issues, couples counselling, divorce and separation, abuse, low self-esteem, stress, bereavement, self harming, loneliness, suicidal feelings, separation anxiety, eating disorders, obsessive compulsive disorder, anger management, addiction, work issues, lack of motivation etc. amongst others.

I work with young people and I am currently taking referrals from High Schools. Having worked as an Employment Support Officer for 16-18 year old school leavers, and as a University Counsellor, I am familiar with the pressures that this age group encounter. I have worked extensively with young people to help them gain confidence and motivation and with training or employment.

I work with other companies providing Counselling for employees. I also provide stress busting training for Managers and their employees. Please see Focusing for details.

Our time together will be spent exploring the issues that you bring in a safe and supporting environment. Together we will work on the issues which are affecting your life to find a way for you to deal with what is going on for you, and help you to resolve them so that you can feel happier and more at ease. I understand that it can be very difficult to talk about certain issues and I will try to help you feel as comfortable with this as is possible.

I also offer Skype Counselling which is becoming more and more popular. Perhaps you travel often or cannot get into Central London, or maybe it is difficult for you to fit the travel time into your busy week. Skype sessions are as effective as face to face counselling and quick and easy to set up. Contact me for details and we can try a first session to see if you are comfortable with it before we plan more sessions.

If you would like more information please don't hesitate to call me. I am very happy to have a chat on the phone and answer any questions you may have before we make the appointment. We can then arrange a first session, at the end of which you and I can decide if we will carry on. I look forward to meeting you.

The Team at Harley St. Psychotherapy
I wanted to establish my own team of therapists so that I could provide a very high quality service which covers all aspects of anxiety, depression, stress and the majority of issues that people face. I was frustrated about how difficult it is to find a good therapist, with all the necessary qualifications, particularly if you are a client who is not familiar with the qualifications and what they mean. Therefore, I am pleased to say that now I have a team of fully qualified and experienced Psychotherapists including:

Person-Centred Psychotherapy;
Integrative Counselling;
Play Therapy;
Parenting Classes;
Couples Therapy

Therefore, between us we can find you the best form of therapy for you. The first session will establish who may be most suited to you and your needs.